One of the most important things for a tap dancer is the sound of their tap plates. They need to "sing" no mater what type of stage they are on.

Diamonz just delivers the most incredibly clear sound that can give a dancer a huge lift when they are performing!

I was introduced to Diamonz in 2000 when I was in New Zealand playing Harrison ( and understuding Amos) in Chicago the Musical".

I am happy to endorse Diamonz Tap Plates as I believe they really are,

          "The Choice of Champions"

Daniel Therrien - Las Vegas

Professional performer and choreographer.

"I love the superior sound of Diamonz Tap Plates on my shoes"

Tim Limmer


Examiner for GWT Syllabus

Professional Dancer, Choreographer

Adjudicator and Teacher

When I go on stage to deliver my best performance I always know I have Diamonz tap plates on my shoes to back me up. They have a unique sound that give you a crisp clear sound so you can feel good about dancing with them on. I take care of my taps so I can use them on my next pair of shoes.

Jack Davies

Christchurch, New Zealand

Regular performer in concerts and competitions. 99.5 marks in Glenn Wood Level 6 tap

"I have always found the issue of which tap plates to use a real dilemma! The stage we primarily use is quite dead in sound and getting taps to give a good sound has always been a problem.

The new Diamonz Tap Plates have a wonderful sound, and sound great the minute you put them on. Often you need to 'fiddle around' with other taps a lot to get a good sound, but not with Diamonz..... They sound Brilliant. I would recommend them to anyone."

Denise Henderson

Dunedin, New Zealand

Teacher & Choreographer