"The Choice of Champions"

Manufacturers and retailers of the famous "Diamonz Tap Plates".

"Diamonz" tap plates came into existence due to the efforts of a gentleman by the name of Eddie Hegan. 
​He was a New Zealand man of many talents and very involved with tap dance in the early 1900's. He even travelled to America to tap dance with Gene Kelly. Eddie was not impressed with the tap plates of the era so he set about improving the design. This brought about the birth of Diamonz. He later went on to write his autobiography titled "No Choice".

Sometime Later Ken Wright - one of New Zealand's leading and most successful tap dance teachers purchased the business. His teaching ability and eye for detail injected 

so much into the dancing culture that his influence continues to this day. The same can be said about the Diamonz Tap Plates that he became involved with. Ken implemented new technology to take the Diamonz Tap Plates up to the next level, which led to the current version.

In 1999 Ken said he would sell us his company if we were interested. It was an opportunity not to be missed and Ken has been very happy to see us take it up to the level where it is today.  Indeed it is,

             "The Choice of Champions".

John Ruardy