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My name is Jan Ruardy and I am the sole director of DIAMONZ Tap Studio.

The studio was established in June 1973… then known as the ‘Jan Foley School of Tap Dancing’ and charged 40 cents for a 30 minute Tap lesson. I was 14 years old when I started teaching. Now, 40 plus years on, the school is still very much alive and thriving.
Style of routines, costumes, hairstyles and especially performance levels have really changed over the years and along with these … the name of the Studio changed to ‘Stage Door Dance Studio’ in January 1993, and to ‘DIAMONZ Tap Studio’ in August 2015. During this time the one thing that hasn’t changed is our method of teaching and our ability to install the love of dance in children and adults through encouragement.


It is very important to us that every student who walks through our doors is respected and trained as a future champion


We are a ‘Specialised Tap Dance Competition Studio’. We work our students hard and our expectation is for these students to be dedicated and committed to practicing at home most days between lessons.
We achieve excellent results in competitions and examinations. We cater also for those who would prefer less commitment in the form of a ‘fun’ class and these children have the chance to dress in costumes and perform their class routines as a group at studio functions.

Jan Ruardy


Studio Principal and Director.

Tutor of all Studio Tap Tuition


Freelance Tap Choreographer & Freelance GWT Syllabus Classes. 


GWT Tap Examiner

Bayley Graham


Relief Teacher:


GWT Tap Exam Syllabus,

Tap Team  Performance 

 & Musical Theatre

Music Editing Technician

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